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When Should I Consult a Certified Family Mediator in California?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our Certified Family Mediator in Long Beach, California has helped hundreds of couples establish the groundwork for their divorces through mediation over the past two decades, so they could successfully move forward with their lives with confidence. Most divorcing couples pursue divorce mediation because they know the value of their… Read More »

How is a High Asset Divorce Attorney Different from a Family Lawyer?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our divorce attorneys in Long Beach understand that not all divorces are created equal, because no two marriages, or their financial composition, are the same. That is especially true for high asset divorces and the attorneys who handle their cases. High asset divorce attorneys can assess more than the standard… Read More »

Looking Forward to 2021 by Being Part of the Solution

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our Long Beach family lawyers, divorce attorneys, and Certified Family Mediators have spent 2020 in the same way as most California residents, juggling life through the lens of a pandemic. We are all too familiar with alternating which parent works from home while the other takes office hours, coupled with… Read More »


Resolving Parenting Issues During Or After A Divorce During Covid-19

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

How can we use COVID-19 to change our ways? Unexpectedly, divorcing or divorced parents found themselves in the midst of a major crisis, COVID-19. According to the most recent statistics, up to 90% of the United States is under stay-at-home orders. Most courts have been closed or operate on an extremely limited basis. The… Read More »

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Financial Disclosure In Divorce: How To Use It To Empower Yourself?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Disclosure usually gives people a big headache. Parties either do not know how to prepare it or do not want to do it at all. However, what most people do not realize is that disclosure can very much be used to their own advantage. The Basics Financial disclosure is required to obtain a divorce… Read More »


What Makes Property Division Difficult In A Divorce And How To Move Beyond That Difficulty?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

What is about assets and stuff that causes so much standstill in a divorce? When a marriage dissolution case goes to a court trial, property division all of a sudden becomes fairly easy. The court is presented with a list prepared either jointly by both spouses or separately by each one listing all community… Read More »

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Permission To Love: Helping Children Cope With Your Divorce

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

If you ask children in a divorced family what they wish for, they usually say that they wish for their parents to be together. Togetherness is family; it’s security; it’s love to a child. The problem with divorce is that togetherness ends. A parent moves out. New partners may move in. New kids may… Read More »

Child Eyes

A Simple Answer to a Complex Problem: How to unblock a divorce impasse?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Simple Answer to a Complex Problem: How to unblock a divorce impasse? Most couples reach an impasse over the issue of custody/parenting plan for their child(ren). Parents fight over their child(ren) but in the process deeply hurt them psychologically and emotionally. The severity of the conflict may cause a parent to kidnap their child… Read More »

father with little daughter walking to school

International Child Abduction (The Proceedings): Part II

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

As I described in a previous blog on the subject, the only question of the Hague Convention proceeding is to determine if the child should be returned to the country of the left-behind parent. Custody is not the question. All custody issues are left for determination in the child’s country of habitual residence. Preliminary… Read More »

father with little daughter walking to school

Globalization and International Child Abduction: Taking a child on a “vacation” with a one-way ticket-PART I

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

The global exchange of human work force has been on the rise in recent years. More US companies hire international workers from countries like China, Japan, Pakistan, India and others, and send US citizens aboard. Parents take their children with them and when their relationships fall apart, one parent often decides to return to… Read More »

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