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Golden Years Divorce: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Walk Away

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Gray or silver divorce, as it’s often called, happens more often than you think. Senior couples in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s call it quits in increasing numbers. When divorce happens, seniors must be prepared for some drastic changes in their lifestyles, but it may be all worth it. These are some things… Read More »


Fatal Mistakes in Custody Cases

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Child custody is the most challenging aspect of a divorce for many divorcing couples. You must know what to do but more importantly what not to do in a custody case. Below you will find ten “don’ts” in a custody case. Child custody is decided based on the best interest of the child standard…. Read More »

Two Way

New Year, New You: Filing for Divorce

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Many people file divorce after they survive the holidays as a “family” or right after the New Year. The process for filing a divorce is simple if you do not have a long term marriage, children, or lots of property or debt to divide, or of course if you have an agreement on all… Read More »

peace of mind

A Gift of Peace of Mind

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

With any change comes uncertainty. Changes in Washington can be unnerving for some, especially for members of the LGBTQ community. This holiday season give yourself and your family a gift of peace of mind. ADOPTION All same-sex couples, even married, who have children should make sure that besides birth certificates naming non-biological one of… Read More »

petition for divorce

What to do if your spouse does not respond to your Petition?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Your spouse has generally 30 days from the date of service of the petition for dissolution of marriage to file a response. If s/he does not, you could request that the court enter default against him or her. Unless you come to an agreement, default means that you have to prove up your case… Read More »

Back To School

Get Ready for School: How to Make Your Divorce Stay Out of Your Children’s Schoolwork

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

Summer is nearing its end. Many schools now start mid-August, which means you have even less time to get the school issues resolved. It is best to plan ahead by negotiating a good parenting plan that resolves most school issues such as which school will the child(ren) attend, who will be responsible for homework… Read More »

Failed Marriage

Failed Marriage, Successful Divorce

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

The United States has the highest divorce rate in the western world, followed by United Kingdom and Canada. Let’s face it, if you are still married, you are almost an oddity. But a failed marriage does not need to mean a horrible and costly divorce. You can take simple steps to ensure that the… Read More »


Collaborative Family Law: What Is It And How It Can Help You?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

It two simple words: collaborative family law means no court. It also means no courtroom drama, no orders handed down by the judge, no emotional breakdowns and much lower attorney fees. Main Features of Collaborative Family Law are: 1) No court; 2) Full Disclosure; 3) Joint Neutral Experts; and Four-Way Conferences. No Court-Participants in… Read More »

justice statue

Do I Really Have To Keep Playing Fair Towards My Soon To Be Ex-Spouse?

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

The answer is YES! During marriage, after separation and until final disposition of all assets, spouses owe one another fiduciary duty, which is one of the highest duties of good faith and fair dealing. So, even though you may have a lot of anger, resentment, even hatred towards your soon to be ex-spouse, you… Read More »

Close-up, high-angle view magnifier and agreement

The Benefits Of Early Settlement

By Zwierzchowski & Nguyen |

At the outset of a divorce, emotions often run high, which leads to high attorney fees. Parties file unnecessary motions and engage in less than courteous exchanges multiplying emails to and from lawyers. Discussing settlement early and often may not only save thousands of dollars in legal fees but spare the relationship from total… Read More »

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