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Grey Divorce Lawyers

Concept of misunderstanding and communicative problem between two senior peopleGrey divorce in couples with long marital duration happens increasingly frequent. Many couples decide later in life to part and untangle their lives. If the decision is mutual, it can be a smooth and relatively easy process (assuming finances enable parties to set up two households and take care of each spouse’s needs). If on the other side, one of the spouses makes the decision to divorce and “blindsides” the other spouse, things can get pretty rocky. Insufficient finances and health-related problems can also pose challenges.

In both cases, whether amicable or contested, we discuss with our clients the option of mediation. It is especially important to go through the process of dissolution of marriage with dignity and compassion for each other in your golden years. Mediation is also much more inclusive of the emotional aspects of the divorce. Many emotional issues can be discussed in mediation to aid in resolution.

Our firm handles divorces with compassion, experience and expertise to achieve a smooth transition. Grey divorces pose particular challenges that require special sensitivity and negotiation skills.

Disclosure and full understanding of the true financial situation of the marriage are often keys to successful case resolution.

If mediation is not an option, after careful consideration, our family law firm in Long Beach, CA handles litigation of grey divorces with an emphasis on early settlement.

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