Are you in shock? Angry? Lost? Betrayed?

We understand what it means to go through a divorce. 

It does not have to be a losing battle...


Having the right attorneys makes all the difference...We not only have more than 30 years of combined family law experience but most importantly we have compassion and dedication to families in crisis.


We know the "ins and outs" of litigation. We have substantial experience litigating family law cases, including Marvin-type cases and LGBT cases. We devise a strategy and discovery plan to achieve our clients' goals. Being trained in conflict resolution techniques, we emphasize settlement from the get go. We approach it at different stages of the proceeding to help our clients resolve their cases.


Not every cases lends itself to mediation (we help you decide which option is best for you and your family), but after years of appearing before the court, we know that your true power lies in settlement. Mediation offers benefits not commonly possible in litigation. In mediation, you have the power to decide the outcome. As certified mediators, we facilitate the process and work with you to create the best agreement for your newly redesigned family. Divorced families are still families; just restructured. The more effectively you restructure your family post-separation, the better off you and your children will be.


We believe in everyone having full excess to the courts and to effective representation. We understand that at times, clients want our help in particular areas of their cases. We know how to effectively unbundle our services to help those who need it. We offer advise, assistance with planning and strategizing, preparation of documents, or mediating particular issues in your divorce or family law matter. 

Our informative and inclusive approach helps clients go through their family crisis with dignity, full understanding and often truly transformative outcomes. 

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