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Zwierzchowski & Nguyen

Free Initial Consultation: 562-426-6522


Atty Agata Zwierzchowski provided me not only her excellent professional legal services, but also moral support and courage to go through my divorce process.

I was glad I found and hired Agata. Without her, I wouldn’t have had the courage to legally end my marriage with an abusive and drug dependent husband.

Even on the day I spoke with her on the phone for 30 minutes free consultation, I knew she was the right lawyer for me. She listened and understood my situation, unlike the other previous lawyers who didn’t listen to me, only provided me with very discouraging advice and scenarios.

Her experiences in dealing with battered woman syndrome made it easier for me to fully express my traumatic experiences with her, and for her to provide me the necessary legal actions and emotional support I needed to speed up my divorce and healing process. My safety was her first priority. She immediately got me a retraining order against my abuser. Although this alleviated my fear, she made sure I remained composed, vigilant and protected at all times. During the process, She was my voice, she fought for me…for my freedom and for my rights.