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Millennials are Reshaping Both Marriage and Divorce in California

If you are a millennial going through a divorce, you want it to be amicable for a reason. Millennials understand the benefits of uncontested dissolution of marriage process. At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our divorce attorneys in Long Beach have represented spouses on both sides of marriage dissolution for nearly 20 years by providing strategic legal solutions and streamlined process either through court or mediation. We can help you streamline the process and achieve a peaceful divorce.

A new generation of 72 million people commonly referred to as Millennials, now between the ages of 25 and 40, are being strategic when it comes to love and transforming the way both marriage and divorce shape their lives.

Here is how they are doing it.

Millennials are Marrying Later than Previous Generations

Millennials are working hard to accumulate assets by prioritizing their financial success, which is leading to longer stretches of getting to know their partners before saying I do.

In the U.S., the median age of first marriages is 27 for women, and 29 for men, who are spending — on average — almost five years together before marrying.

Often the children of divorce themselves, millennials are focusing on their lives first, ensuring they are in the right place with the right person before marriage becomes a shared discussion, where both sides have a say in when, how, or even if they will tie the knot.

Millennials are Getting Financially Fit & Protecting Their Interests

One of the driving factors for waiting to get married is that Millennials are taking the time to get their financial act together, which often includes focusing on their careers and paying off hefty student loan debts.

Some Millennials are buying homes together and smartly splitting a mortgage in challenging economic times before getting engaged, making homeownership and stability the priority over marriage.

This has led to a significant increase in non-married couples cohabitating, reflecting as much as a sixfold increase from their parent’s generation.

Once they are ready, Millennials are also signing prenups to protect their assets and shield themselves from the responsibility of sharing their soon-to-be spouse’s debt.

In a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, nearly half of the attorneys said they had seen an increase in prenuptial agreements among Millennials.

The once hard ask that was reserved for wealthy spouses-to-be, long misinterpreted as a contingency plan for divorce, is now a welcome, intelligent approach to ensuring all their financial cards are on the table before joining their lives at the altar.

Millennials are Taking the High Road During Divorce Proceedings

Millennials are single-handedly — albeit as a generation — driving down the divorce rate by what experts are stating is more than 18%.

However, when Millennials are divorcing, most are doing so through California Certified Family Mediators, making combined decisions on their futures without the courtroom battle that has beleaguered previous generations.

Finally, some millennials are not marrying at all, driving down the marriage rate at an estimated 25%, and living full, happy lives on their own, or with their partners as a committed team.

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