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My mom passed away without a will. What ensued was a bitter, nasty and long fight with my family members to get back my mom’s estate. I was not even 21 when it started, but Agata was there every step of the way. She clearly articulated the litigation process, carefully explaining to me the steps and being completely transparent about what to expect. She’s incredibly smart and sharp. She will walk you through moments of uncertainty with a strategy that makes you feel at ease because she truly has your best interest in mind.

I retained another lawyer prior to her and left because I just felt like another case. But with Agata, she made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my fight, that she truly cared. Litigation is a hard and long journey with sometimes no real justice at the end. It’s important to have someone who can see you through it all. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for Agata’s strength and resolve throughout the entire process.

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Atty Agata Zwierzchowski provided me not only her excellent professional legal services, but also moral support and courage to go through my divorce process.

I was glad I found and hired Agata. Without her, I wouldn’t have had the courage to legally end my marriage with an abusive and drug dependent husband.

Even on the day I spoke with her on the phone for 30 minutes free consultation, I knew she was the right lawyer for me. She listened and understood my situation, unlike the other previous lawyers who didn’t listen to me, only provided me with very discouraging advice and scenarios.

Her experiences in dealing with battered woman syndrome made it easier for me to fully express my traumatic experiences with her, and for her to provide me the necessary legal actions and emotional support I needed to speed up my divorce and healing process. My safety was her first priority. She immediately got me a retraining order against my abuser. Although this alleviated my fear, she made sure I remained composed, vigilant and protected at all times. During the process, She was my voice, she fought for me…for my freedom and for my rights. Read more


I retained Agata after letting go of my first attorney and trying to settle matters with my ex on my own. I was not getting anywhere and needed someone whose sole focus was family law and they could act fast in this matter. Agata did just that. She was able to secure a court date within weeks of meeting with her, she was able to secure alimony payments just as I had become unemployed and she was able to fight for me during the settlement process. She also knows many of the judges in the LA court circuit which is great because she has a lot of experience with different ways to plead a case. I am beyond pleased with her work and would certainly recommend her to everyone. She will fight not just with you but for you!! Read more


I had a very complicated case, which took several years. I felt that I could always rely on my lawyer. Agata was very responsive, even on the weekends. She was able to get me great resolution. Very pleased with her and her office. Detailed statements of charges and reasonable fees. Read more

Ms. Zwierzchowski provided me with legal representation from December 2011 to February 2014 to gain legal parentage for a non-biological parent in a same-sex relationship. After having been denied assistance from several other attorneys, Ms. Zwierzchowski took my case because she understood the need to keep same-sex families intact after the dissolution of the relationship in the best interest of children in spite of the fact that laws do not facilitate this situation. She also understood and was willing to advocate for the non-biological parent. The case was complex and difficult, but Ms. Zwierzchowski was persistent and courageous in the face of obstacles. Her commitment to the belief that non-biological parents have equal rights to biological parents to raise their children was the foundation of the successful outcome of the case. She is well versed in family case law and willing to use her professional networks to develop legal strategy. I highly recommend her. Read more

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