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Family Law Attorneys in Seal Beach, California

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our experienced family law attorneys in Seal Beach, California provide real solutions for our just over 24,000 residents when they need legal advice, guidance, and representation for important issues like divorce, child custody, and financial support.

Our Orange County family lawyers know how important your future is, and the sooner we can help you get there with confidence, the quicker you can begin your new life.

Zwierzchowski & Nguyen Seal Beach Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

For nearly two decades, our Seal Beach family law attorneys at Zwierzchowski & Nguyen have customized each of our client’s legal solutions, so they could pursue the best outcome for their unique challenges.

We take great pride in listening to each of our client’s overall needs while understanding how their family law predicament affects their overall quality of life, so we can partner together to pursue optimal solutions that provide the confidence they need to move forward.

Our family law attorneys in Seal Beach, California represent clients in the following practice areas:

If you have questions about any type of family law matter, contact our skilled Seal Beach attorneys today to get the answers you need during a free initial consultation.

What Divorce Details Can Be Determined During Mediation in Seal Beach California?

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, we are more than divorce attorneys. We are Certified Family Mediators who provide legal solutions for our clients outside of the courtroom, so they can maintain control of their divorce details through negotiations in a private setting.

Divorce mediation in Seal Beach can determine the details of:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support

Our divorce mediators encourage our clients to develop fruitful discussions, so they can put their marriage dissolution behind them, without the adversarial approach most people think it takes to finalize such an important agreement. Divorce does not have to become messy, awful, or carry on for years to reach a successful outcome. Mediation can typically change both party’s lives in a matter of one or more strategic sessions.

What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Seal Beach, California?

Our divorce mediation attorneys in Seal Beach believe in the power of these sessions because it provides an informal and voluntary structure that is self-determinative, which allows you and your spouse to decide on the agenda, rules, outcomes.

The sessions are fully confidential and are designed to reach a full resolution while being facilitated by a neutral party to transform conflict into negotiations that allow the participants to get the most out of their decisions.

Other benefits of mediation in Seal Beach, California include:

  • Complete control over the outcome of your divorce
  • Creating a healthier post-separation alternative when children are involved
  • Moving beyond impasse to finalize the details of your divorce
  • Quicker recovery from the trauma of divorce
  • Economical, affordable option
  • Results in less time than litigation

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our certified family mediators in Seal Beach believe that most couples can discuss their divorce in a non-confrontational setting that allows them to openly talk about what they want out of their marriage dissolution without handing the deciding power over to a judge that does not know anything about their family dynamics.

The sessions are led by an experienced mediator who can provide the details each spouse needs regarding the legal aspects of their decisions. While the mediator may not give legal advice to either party, she may instruct both parties as to what their decisions would mean inside the courtroom.

For example, if you choose to decide on each aspect of your divorce, with the only sticking point being child support, the judge will determine that amount for you using a specific formula that is outlined by the California Child Support Guidelines calculator.

It is possible to cover all the details of your divorce, including child custody and financial resolutions without entering a courtroom, except perhaps to acknowledge the agreement and finalize the divorce (when required).

Divorce mediation in California provides real-time options to make the most of your combined conversations, so you can each put this part of your life behind you and move forward with confidence.

Our divorce mediators in Seal Beach can help you prepare for your new life today, starting with a free initial consultation to answer your questions and help get you started in the right direction.

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At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our certified family mediator and divorce attorneys in Seal Beach are available to answer your unique family law questions today by calling 562-359-2106. Contact us now to learn more about your legal rights and options to start anew.

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