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Zwierzchowski & Nguyen

Free Initial Consultation: 562-426-6522

Why We're Different?

We listen to our clients and focus on realizing their goals.
We practice law with integrity and strong commitment to our clients.
We support you through the process.
We empower you to have the courage to move forward and to make the right decisions for you and your family.
We are here for you. We are just a phone call or a text away.
We use our knowledge and experience in family law to help our clients go as smoothly as possible through one of the most difficult periods of their lives.
We are transparent with you and offer our realistic assessment of your case.
You and your children are our top priority.

Both of our attorneys at Zwierzchowski & Nguyen are also trained and certified in mediation, which helps us in negotiations and settlement efforts.
During our mediations and settlement meetings, we can focus on solving the issues through coming to an understanding of the underlying needs of the parties, as well as their fears and misperceptions.

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist our clients, whether in court or in mediation, through their personal journey.