we mediate with heart, commitment, and expertise to help you settle

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overview of mediation 

Mediation is a voluntary process, during which the parties address their differences with the help of a neutral mediator, and in confidence, to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. 

As mediators, with substantial experience in family law, we can assist parties in preparation of their paperwork. We do not advise either party but explain various options. We emphasize the importance of independent counsel. 

Our approach is to facilitate a transformation. 


STAGES of mediation 

During the initial phase, both parties will be assisted with agenda and ground rule setting. Both parties often choose to give an opening statement, during which some emotional clearing work can happen. The second phase is a working session. Parties either meet in the same room as the mediator or choose to share some concerns during a separate meeting (i.e. caucus). The final stage is drafting of the agreement. Parties fully participate in the drafting, which helps them own the agreement. 


benefits of mediation 

  • you will have control over the outcome, not the court
  • you will reduce conflict in your life and the life of your family
  • you spend a lot less time and spend a lot less money on your case
  • you will redesign your family unit in ways acceptable to all family members
  • you will move beyond impasse
  • you may achieve total personal transformation
  • you will recover quicker from the trauma of your divorce or break up