Divorce-We have combined 30 years of experience handling both contested and uncontested divorce (dissolution of marriage) matters. We represent parties in complex high-conflict divorces.  We employ various strategies to settle your case, from 4-way negotiations to mediation and other out-of-court settlement options. If settlement fails, we fight for you at trial. We are experienced litigators.

Child Custody/Visitation-Children are the most important part of a divorce. The court uses best interest of a child standard to make decisions about custody and parenting plans. We craft the most optimal parenting plans. 

Child/Spousal Support-The preservation of cash flow in a divorce or separation is key to maintaining security. We understand the need to establish both child/spousal support early on in a case. We represent clients in both pendente lite and permanent support requests. We successfully litigate support issues at trial and have substantial experience obtaining and opposing vocational evaluation. Our firm represents clients in enforcement actions as well. 

Legal Separation/Marital Agreement/Annulment-We litigate annulments (in cases of fraud) and legal separation cases.  In some matters, it is advantageous to remain married but enter into a legal separation agreement. Our firm negotiates and prepares marital agreements (post-nuptials) for people who elect to stay together but with specifically defined rights and obligations.     

Attorney Fees-For many clients, it is not possible to either prosecute or defend a divorce action without an immediate help with their attorney fees. We file requests for orders for fees early on in a case to ensure that clients have proper access to funds.

Division of Assets/Debts-Whether it is a division of family residence, retirement accounts, or personal property, we use our in-depth knowledge of family law to achieve our clients financial goals. We have substantial experience in handling complex issues such as Moore/Marsden interests, 2640 reimbursements, Watts charges/Epstein credits, and others. Community property division in California is a vast area of law and our goal is to ensure that our clients know their rights and walk away from a divorce with a successful division. We have the know-how of finances to ensure that your property division is handled properly. 

Post-Judgment Modifications/Judgment Set-Asides-Custody/child visitation and support issues often require changes after judgments are entered. We prepare numerous modification RFOs, as well as, handle set-asides for fraud or failure to disclose.  

Domestic Violence-We represent clients who wish to obtain domestic violence restraining orders and those who have been wrongly accused of committing domestic violence.  Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is devastating. If it occurs in the context of a divorce or parentage action, it may have severe consequences on your custody and visitation rights. We have successfully obtained protective orders and defended against DVROs. 

Grandparents Visitation Rights-We handle cases on behalf of grandparents who are either trying to establish or maintain visitation with their grandchildren incident to paternity or divorce action. Experience matters most when it comes to tough visitation cases. 

Gray Divorces-Our firm represents clients in their golden years who go through either divorce or legal separation. Senior facing a divorce need special legal care due to the issues involved in their matters. We are experienced in settling numerous gray divorces while preserving dignity of our clients. 

Paternity-Establishing paternity (or parentage)through a court action means obtaining an order stating that you are the legal parent; it is also establishing custody/visitation and often times child support and payment of pregnancy-related expenses.  Often, we handle partition actions in civil courts as many couples who are not married have jointly owned property that needs to be divided after their separation.

Domestic Partnership/Same-Sex Divorce/Same-Sex Parentage-We have substantial experience handling Domestic Partnership terminations and same-sex divorces. Same-sex parentage often presents its own unique issues, with which we are very familiar having litigated and settled numerous such cases.   

Adoption-We represent adoptive parents in independent adoptions, as well as, assist in agency adoptions. Birth mothers, who contact us directly are offered compassionate help matching adoptive parents. Our firm also assists parents in stepparent adoptions on flat fee basis. 

Family Formation(Assisted Reproductive Technology Law)-We are very familiar with the complexities of family formation law and have prepared numerous egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy and embryo donation agreements. It is crucial to have carefully drafted contracts when forming a family to ensure that all legal and medical questions are answered.


Our attorneys are certified in general mediation and specifically in family/divorce mediation. We act as neutrals to facilitate agreements between divorcing parties or co-parents. We help clients devise functional parenting plans and resolve conflicts about parenting decisions involving visitation, health, education of the children. 

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