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Can We Develop a Child Custody Plan During Mediation in California?

At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our Certified Family Mediators in Long Beach understand just how difficult child custody discussions can be during divorce proceedings. Even when parents are amicably parting, deciding how you are going to share your children’s time is a deeply personal conversation that can often become emotionally charged.

For many couples, child custody mediation in Los Angeles and Orange County can provide an open and productive forum that allows your voice — including both your wishes and worries — to be discussed without confrontation.

The benefits of child custody mediation in California are far reaching and can help both parents and their children move forward after the divorce with confidence.

Here’s how.

Can Parents Develop a Complete Parenting Plan Through Mediation in Long Beach?

Child custody mediation in Long Beach allows parents to work together to develop a complete parenting plan with the help of a neutral third party. The mediator helps open the lines of communication, so parents can create a structured and mutually beneficial parenting plan that is legally binding.

The structured agreement may include:

  • Day-to-day timeshare
  • Holiday plans
  • Vacation time
  • School breaks

Before attending mediation sessions, parents can speak with their kids about their wishes to include them in the decision-making process in a healthy way that empowers them.

Since child custody mediation in Long Beach focuses on a positive outcome, the stress of creating a parenting plan is minimized, which will benefit both the parents and children.

Is Child Custody Mediation Better for the Kids?

Child custody mediation diffuses conflict, which allows both parties to express their feelings, and know they are being heard. This means the conversation delivers a better sense of cooperation, which will be reflected through lesser stress in the home.

When parents can have a healthy conversation, the kids will see the cooperation, which will lead to less anxiety, benefitting everyone.

What’s more, mediation allows the parents to maintain control over the parenting plan, instead of fighting for parenting time during litigation, where a judge determines how you will spend your time with your children.

With decreased hostility and increased mutual decision-making, mediation is a healthier alternative than litigation for the parents and children.

Get Ready for Your Los Angeles County Child Custody Mediation Sessions

The best start to mediation sessions is to approach the process with an open mind and be prepared to listen, so you can develop a mutually satisfactory parenting plan.

Mediation is extraordinarily successful when parents are willing to leave their marital frustrations at the door and focus on the one topic that is at hand: Creating a parenting plan that benefits the children.

When you come prepared, you can develop creative options that create solutions.

Here are a few tips to prepare for the mediation process:

  • Make a list of your concerns, which may include scheduling conflicts and how to avoid them
  • Create a checklist for each child’s needs, including extra-curricular activities, travel commitments, and day-to-day requirements that must be outlined to focus on their growth
  • Focus on how your discussions will affect your children — not you or the other parent

Child custody mediation is not a forum to rehash your marital issues. It is a time to communicate openly about your children’s overall needs.

Think of child custody mediation as a separate issue relating only to what is best for your child. Now is the time to acknowledge the other parent’s strengths and only raise valid concerns, like what happens when one parent must travel for work, or how you will address any special needs of the children.

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At Zwierzchowski & Nguyen, our certified mediator in Long Beach offers several mediation packages that will allow you and the other parent to create a parenting plan that works, without the hostility that often accompanies these difficult decisions. If you have questions about how to prepare for mediation, contact our experienced Long Beach family law attorney today by calling 562-426-6522 to learn more about your legal options, so you can begin planning your future with confidence.